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Tara business just keeps getting better

The results just keep coming for the Western Downs business sector, with more businesses in the spotlight this month at the Tara Business Awards.

The top prize, the Silver Award, recognized the outstanding achievement of Tara Newsagency, while the Bronze Award went to Tara Neighbourhood Centre and the Encouragement Award to B&J Computing.

The quality of the award recipients was excellent, and will be even bigger and better next year, according organisers.

The event will be further boosted next year by funding of $15,000 from Western Downs Regional Council for ongoing support of the Tara Futures Group and the Business Awards.

Mayor Ray Brown thanked all businesses for participating in the 2010 awards and for their efforts throughout the year.

Describing this year’s event as a great success, Tara Futures Group former president David Gunther said the awards were about making greater achievements every year.

The main award winning business, Tara Newsagency, has been owned by David and Gayle Porter for the past six years.

“I think in little towns like Tara, our businesses need awards like this to show the positives,” Mr Porter said.

According to his wife, Gayle, if you are prepared to put in the hard yards, you get the results.

“We were a bit green at first, but we are constantly trying to improve and make the business better,” she added.

The Porters also acknowledged the great support they had received from the local community and the Tara State Shire College.

One of their employees, Kaitlyn McDonald, has a QGC scholarship and has just completed her certificate in retail work.

“We need the businesses in Tara to grow and have jobs for the kids who want to work here,” Mrs Porter said.

The Bronze Award winner, Tara Neighbourhood Centre, offers a wide range of services from family support and community development to a 50 and better program for healthy ageing.

“We are really happy for our staff because this about them and the services they give to our clients and customers,” said Neighbourhood Centre director, Ros Wade.

B&J Computing owners and Encouragement Award recipients, Brett Gore and Jodie Wilson, are aiming to be “bigger, more professional and more successful”.

“The town’s been great and very supportive, especially the business owners,” Mr Gore said.